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AB Technology Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Plastic, Thermoplastic, Silicone, PTFE and Rubber tubing.

Our products are used across all industry sectors.

Each type of tubing has particular characteristics and properties: we offer a wide selection of both fractional and metric sizes in a variety of wall thicknesses and colors for any application.

     By far the most popular of all tubing, Nylon offers
Many of our Fiberglass and Silica products are an excellent asbestos alternative, and can be used to replace asbestos sleeve, tape, fabric and insulation commonly used for wiring and pipe insulation.
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High Temperature Silicone Rubber Tubing
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Grade Silicone Tubing
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Choosing a tubing.  The tradeoff of performance and price can be best compared with the table below.
plastic silicone rubber ptfe tubing
We offers a broad range of silicone tubing and tube products made from this versatile material, including platinum cured silicone tubing and silicone tube to ensure the least possible extractables. Our state-of-the-art, clean room is designed for manufacturing products particularly suited to medical applications. Also, our industrial grades silicone tubing offer exceptional performance at relatively lower charges.
Silicone tubing has been used for medical tubing, as it meets the medical industry’s requirements for cleanliness and non-toxicity. Another of silicone’s major features — resistance to extreme temperature variations — has enabled its use in applications where a flexible tubing is needed to handle temperatures not possible with other plastics or rubbers.
A rubber-like thermoset material, silicone tubing and tube is extremely pliable and elastic, and it is not altered by the effects of weather

Viton rubber, CR(Neoprene) EPDM(ethylene ropylene), NBR(nitrile/buna N), IIR(butyl), SBR(styrene butadiene), polyurethane sponge and natural rubber, TPE(thermoplastics).

Our latex tubing is extensively leached, washed and surface treated to virtually undetectable protein levels which are 99.9% protein-free. which latex products are not recommended or are prohibited, We offers a complete line of non-latex tubing manufactured from Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) which closely simulates natural rubber latex properties
Although no plastic tubing product can universally handle all applications, the PVC tubing products offered by forbest manufacturing Co.ltd covers one of the biggest ranges of applications serviced by any one type of plastic material.
Flexible PVC tubing offers a wide range of chemical and corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion and wear resistance, rubber-like flexibility, visual contact with the flow (clear pvc tubing and hose styles), and outstanding flow characteristics. These include general industrial, food, pharmaceutical and medical, chemicals, fuels, oils, and mechanical applications including protective coverings and insulation sleeving.
Most of forbest manufacturing Co.ltd’s PVC tubing can be produced in custom sizes, colors, and shapes, and can be cut, printed, or thermally bonded
     Comparrison of Tubing
Tubing Burst Pressure
PSI @ 75F
Bend Radius
Hardness Temperature Range Price $
Nylon 1200 1.5 72 Shore D -60 to 200F  
ExtraFlex Nylon 550 0.87 50 Shore D -40 to 190F  
Polyethylene 500 0.98 46 Shore D -100 to +175  
Polyurethane 250 0.75 95 Shore A -40 to 180  
Silicone       -40 to 400  
Hi Temp Silicone